What mass of ammonia will exert the samepressure as 10.7 mg of hydrogen sulfide (H2S)in the same container under the same condi-tions? Answer in units of mg

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator


We can answer this problem by employing the ideal gas law.

PV = nRT

under the same conditions we can now say that

moles ammonia= moles hydrogen sulfide

                      = gram H2S/ molar mass H2S

                      = 0.0107 grams H2S/ 34.0809 grams/mole *

                      = 3.139588449835538e-4 = 0.00031396 moles



moles ammonia = 0.00031396 moles

To get the mass of ammonia, we have to multiply it with the molar mass of ammonia.

mass ammonia = moles ammonia x molar mass ammonia

                      = 0.00031396 moles x 17.031 grams/mole

                      = 0.0053470330889149 = 0.00535 grams ammonia

                      = 5.35 mg ammonia



*we first convert mg-> g in the solution.

1000mg = 1 g




hope this helps :)