What market modification approaches did Orville Redenbacher's do to increase it's appeal among existing customers?

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The initial market approach was to develop a hybrid strain of popcorn.  Traditional homemade popping corn was seen as having to sacrifice taste and quality for the convenience of it being homemade.  Redenbacher understood that developing a hybridized corn product could yield quality.  An initial market modification approach came in the form of marketing the product.  It was understood early on that the "folksy" image of Redenbacher can serve as a way to enhance the product's feel amongst existing customers and serve as a launching pad to grab new ones.  This became evident in how the advertisements for the product were simple in scope, featuring Redenbacher in his trademark colors and glasses, stressing to the consumer that his product was superior to others or "My name isn't Orville Redenbacher."  This modification approach was able to tap into the feeling of consumers that the purchase of the product was done out of the enhancement of quality and the feeling that the image being projected was reflective of such an ideal.