What market structure are cellphones in?

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The first issue is to distinguish two very different aspects of the mobile phone market from one another. Those are the market for physical hardware or phones themselves and the market for cellular services which connect phones to networks and enable them to function. Other important elements of the market are software and accessories.

For operating systems, the market is a duopoly, with Apple's iOS and Google's Android owning 98 percent of the market. While other systems such as Blackberry OS (Research in Motion) still exist, their market share is negligible.

In hardware, Apple holds approximately 40 percent of the United States market, Samsung approximately 20 to 25 percent, LG approximately 15 to 20 percent, Motorola approximately 5 percent and others the remainder. This suggests that the phone market, perhaps because of the way in which phones are often sold with cellular phone services, tends towards an oligopoly.

The market for wireless carriers in the United States is an oligopoly,...

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