What is Mark Twain telling us about human nature in the story of "A Dogs Tale"? Write from your own voice and please prove it.pl i need this answer for today. thank you pl

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Mark Twain's "A Dog's Tale," is the story of a dog who saves a family's child from a fire in the nursery. The dog has a puppy of her own, and the master, a scientist, does scientific tests on the puppy, which ultimately kills it. The footman buries the puppy: "When the footman had finished and covered little Robin up, he patted my head, and there were tears in his eyes, and he said: 'Poor little doggie, you saved HIS child!' " The dog had saved the child of the master, but the master kills the dog's child. This reveals that some humans only act in their own interest, and even if one does something nice for a person, the person may never repay that kindness. The master in the story treated the dog as though the dog had no feelings and didn't matter, even though the dog risked his life for the master's baby.

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