What is a maritime forest? I am about to go on a feild trip and I really want to know.  well it is in the maritime time zone  

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besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A maritime forest is a coastal wooded area and is usually on higher ground. They are mostly found on barrier islands. Since they are on the coast there is a lot of wind and sun and in addition a lot of salt sprays onto it from the ocean water. Plants that live there are very hardy. Roots of trees are very deep in order to keep them rooted in danger of strong winds from the ocean. There are a lot of evergreens and oak that grow in maritime forests.

There is also a lot of wildlife that lives in these forests. Some of the wildlife include whitetail deer, rabbits and fox.

mkcapen1 | Student

A maritime forest is a coastal forest.  The winds and sand tend to create an entirely different forest than those one would normally think about.  Trees have a very hard-time growing ear the coast, but the dunes help to protect them from the winds and stabilize their root system.  The dunes protect the trees.

What you will see will be trees that are twisted and usually short.  They tend to grow very close together so that they can protect each other from the winds.  They also create a canopy that is coupled together.  This provides protection from sea spray as well.  Salt spray provides the necessary nutrients that enable the trees to survive.