What are the Marine Environmental Issues today?

Expert Answers
besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Perhaps one of the biggest and most drastic issues right now environmentally is the oil spill in the gulf. So far it has caused tremendous and permanent damage to the ecosystems and will possibly destroy some of the ecosystems altogether. These ecosystems work together and when just one of them is damaged it has a huge impact on the rest of them. Damages have reached the billions and the costs are going to keep rising. We will be cleaning up the damages from this oil spill for decades. It is very tragic but unfortunately things like this happen and it is important to get it contained and cleaned up as soon as possible.

udonbutterfly | Student

Some of the biggest issues right now would be...

  1. Fishermen are over fishing. I do not having to much fish and not being able to sale it. I mean catching other animals that rarely ate such as sharks or dolphins and tossing they barely live carcasses back in the ocean. This is killing off populations of species like dolphins.
  2. The water is becoming warmer. The reason this has such a huge effect would be that most of the nutrients in the ocean lies within regions were it is cooler. The warmer it gets the tougher it is for nutrients to thrive thus animals food supply begin to dwindle.
  3. The warmer oceans are also increasing the salinity of the ocean which is damaging sea forest and coral which many animals thrive from.