what is the maria's advice to bruno after their talk?

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Bruno is very upset about moving, and he confides in Maria.  He feels that Maria is part of the family, even though his father only considers her a maid.  Maria explains that they have moved bacause of his father's job.  Bruno complains and says that his father should think twice about his job.  Just at that moment a young soldier comes out of his father's room, and comes and stares at Bruno.  Bruno does not like the young man because he was too serious.  Maria explains that they all have serious jobs. Her advice to Bruno is that

"But if I was you, I'd steer clear of the soldiers."  (pg 19)

Bruno agreed stating that he didn't see what else there was to do.

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The advice that Maria gives to Bruno is that Bruno's father knows what is for the best and that he must trust in that.

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