What is manpower planning in India?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Manpower planning in Indian business refers to understanding the number and kind of people who will help develop and attain organizational objectives.  It is steeped in making sure that projections of growth are accurate, reflecting the correct number of people are required and that there is a alignment of person's capacity with descriptions of needs.  In this sense, manpower planning operates on both qualitative and quantitative levels, in that it strives to develop an accurate number of people needed in the company, and seeks to match individuals with what they are best capable of doing in accordance to business production goals.  As businesses grow and develop, manpower planning will reflect such changes.  It serves as vital component to starting a successful business, for it helps to clarify both organizational perspectives and the individuals who will best fulfill them.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Manpower planning refers to the collection of activities and processes undertaken in an organization to determine its current and future requirements of people to man the various position in its organization, and taking decision on timing and methods of fulfilling these requirements. The basic manpower planning function is same in all organization irrespective of the country in which operates. Therefore, it is not very meaningful to discuss separately about manpower planning in specific countries.

Manpower planning involves some or all of the following activities.

  • Identifying and designing current and planned organization structure of the organization.
  • Estimating current and future workload for different functions and organizational units in the organization, and, based on that, estimating the current and future total requirement of people to fill the various positions of different types and at different levels.
  • Developing profile or specifications for people to fill the various positions identified.
  • Taking an inventory of existing employees in the company, and their capabilities.
  • Comparing the manpower requirements and availability to determine the additional people required in the organization at different times. While working out this requirement, suitable provision is made for likely attribution of some of the existing employees. Similarly while examining capability requirements of employees consideration is given to on the development of skill and capability of people with work experience. This activity results in identification of the total additional manpower requirements to be fulfilled by various means.
  • Determining, the means of acquiring the additional required manpower through various means such as external recruitment, internal transfers and promotions, and training.
  • Preparing recruitment plan.
  • Preparing training plan.