What does the man in the yellow suit tell the Fosters about the Tucks?

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The man in the yellow suit goes to the Fosters with the express purpose of blackmailing them. But when he first meets them, he gives the impression that he just wants to help them find their daughter. He claims that he knows where she is and who kidnapped her. Naturally, the Fosters are relieved and delighted at the news. But their initial happiness soon turns sour when it becomes clear that the strange man wants something in return for his valuable information. He'll only agree to lead the Fosters to their daughter if they give him the woods that they own.

This is nothing more than a blatant shake-down operation, but the Fosters have no choice. The man in the yellow suit has lied to them about the Tucks, making them out to be dangerous. He tells the Fosters that the Tucks are rough country people, and that there's no telling what these "illiterates" might do to Winnie.

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