What is the man vs.society conflict of the short story "A Christmas Memory"?

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ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the Truman Capote short story, “A Christmas Memory,” an example of man vs. society could be when Buddy and his cousin are finishing the last little bit of whiskey after making their fruitcakes. It was an innocent action on the part of the cousin. The whiskey was left; they’d spent good money on it; it shouldn’t go to waste--so why not drink it. There was no nefarious purpose behind it. Yet when the family realized she had given the 7 year old just the tiniest bit, they acted as if she had committed a major crime. Another example of man vs. society conflict could be when Buddy and his cousin are coming back with their Christmas tree. The rich woman vigorously attempts to bully the cousin into giving up the tree as if she has no right to it, or as if she should be grateful to be offered money--all because the rich woman didn’t want the hassle of getting her own tree.

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