What is a man vs self conflict in Treasure Island?

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Man versus self conflicts in Treasure Island:

One dominant man versus self conflict in Treasure Island concerns Jim's struggle to sort his feelings concerning Long John Silver.  He goes from absolutely adoring and practically idolizing the man to discovering that Long John intended to betray him and his friends.  Long John's shifting alliances confuse Jim throughout the novel.  Once on the island, Jim must reevaluate his opinion of Long John a second time as Long John defends him against his bloodthirsty pirate comrades.  Beneath all  of his conniving ways, Long John genuinely seems to care for Jim, and Jim knows it; the boy must also sort out his feelings of affection for the pirate versus his sheer dislike of everything that Long John Silver stands for. 

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What is an example of conflict in Treasure Island along the lines of man versus man?

The conflict that propels the action in Stevenson's Treasure Island is that of man versus man (also stated as man against man). This is established from the opening incidents and carries right on through the story as Jim narrates it. When the seafaring Captain Bill first comes to the Admirable Benbow Inn, a conflict is established between the Captain and Jim's father. Jim, the narrator, tells that the money the captain had originally supplied for his lodging and board "had been long exhausted, and still my father never plucked up the heart to insist on having more." Jim's father would be met with a roar if he asked for more. Often his father would leave the Captain's room "wringing his hands after such a rebuff." This man versus man conflict had disastrous consequences for his father since Jim says it "must have greatly hastened his early and unhappy death." Some other instances of man against man conflicts are Long John Silver against ... well ... everyone. Captain Billy against Black Dog. Long John Silver against Jim. Jim against Long John Silver.

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