What are the similarities and differences between Man-man and Bogart in V.S. Naipaul's Miguel Street?

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In the book, both Man-man and Bogart are similar in that they are both loners. Bogart, for his part, never confides in his neighbors. None of his acquaintances can imagine him entertaining familial or romantic attachments of any sort.

Bogart and Man-man are enigmas to their friends and neighbors on Miguel Street. In fact, Bogart is so eccentric that he disappears twice without satisfactory explanations for his absence. When he returns after his first absence, he tells his friends that he had gone to British Guiana and had eventually become a cowboy of sorts. He also claimed to have smuggled some girls from Brazil to Georgetown in order to start a brothel. Bogart maintains that he was eventually betrayed by the police and arrested. When Eddoes questions whether Bogart had ended up in jail, Hat contemptuously replies that Bogart couldn't have landed in jail if he was still with them. For some reason, Bogart takes offense at Hat's comment.

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