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by Albert Camus

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Explain the irony of the title of the story "The Guest" by Albert Camus.

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Albert Camus wrote “The Guest” on the eve of the French-Algerian Revolution in the 1950s.  This story is based on an actual incident. The setting of the story is an isolated school house in the early 1950s. Camus uses omniscient third-person point of view to reveal the thoughts of the main character, Daru; however, the thoughts of the other characters are obscured.

The protagonist is Daru, a Frenchman born in Algeria, who has been assigned to this isolated area at the base of the Atlas Mountains in Algeria.  The two other characters are Balducci, a gendarme or policeman, and an Arab or Algerian criminal. 

The times are changing.  The government and the local Algerians are unhappy with the status quo.  Daru loved both France and Algeria and abhorred the conflict that arose between them.


Daru watches as Balducci brings a man tied to the back of his horse through the snowy mountain.   When the men arrive, the French policeman tells Daru that he is to take the Arab to another...

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I want to know what makes the title an irony?