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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is no one answer. There are many elements that makes a society grow. In light of this, let me name a few of them. 

From a practical point of view, what makes a society grow is good infrastructure. Good roads, transportation, facilities, and the like help a society to flourish. This is why many cities engage in infrastructural spending. 

Second, the rule of law is also important. Without safety and the protection of private property, a society will be seriously hurt. This is why things like crime and any kind of lawlessness hurts a society in great way. 

Third, education is also essential for the simple reason that our next generation will flourish only in so far as it is educated. 

Finally, laws that enable businesses to flourish is also important for a society. Without economic incentives, growth will be hampered. 

yasoo9393 | Student

As it mentioned above, there are many factors ,but I want to focus on the importance of values and principles such as honesty, respect, cooperation and equality.

Honesty is a very important value that means sincerity. It makes our relationship more strong because we believe that our friends will not deceive us. It is also very essential in business and the consumer feels that he buys something that is good.

respect means esteem. Our relationships should be based on respect. we should respect each other every time and every where. It can be in home, company, restaurant and garden. Respecting someone means that you respect your self.

Cooperation means to help each other. cooperation means that we succeed all together. This value should be in our community. A friend must help his friend in the school. A husband must help his wife in the house. A brother should help his sister in the house. A boss must help his employee in the company.

Equality is against racism. There is no difference between white or black. We are equal. We love each other. We work together to build our society.

Finally, values are the basic source of civilization in any community.