What makes the scene of Jonas experiencing the act of release so tense?

droark | Student

During the time leading up to when Jonas finally understands what release actually means the novel paints the act as something that is peaceful. It also does not allude to the issue of life and death at all. Before Jonas finds out what release actually means he defends the practice as a time of comfort for the twin about to be released. But, when Jonas does witness the realize he realizes that it is not the pleasant transition to another community like he witnessed but rather it is killing the person who is being released.

This situation is tense because what the community believes is happening is not at all what is happening. This disconnect is disbursing to Jonas and creates a tension within him that will eventually manifest into his decision to leave the community.

hakantekgul | Student

When Jonas learns what actually release is, he gets shocked amd angry. It is the novel's climax and it is very dramatic. Lowry's style amd language is very important here. Lowry's use of dialogues makes the scene dramatic. "He killed it!, My father killed it" In this quotation, the reader can easily understand Jonas's feelings. Also the words "killed" are written in Italic by the author because Lowry wanted to stress those words. After this part, Jonas changes everything in his mind and the external conflict between Jonas and the community begins. Jonas starts to question more about the community and then with an organized plan, Jonas escapes from the community.

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