What makes the Rime of the Ancient Mariner obviously from the Romantic Period?  Give examples to support.

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Rime is from the Romantic Era because of the aspects which define romantic literature.  These include the supernatural, the love of nature, the individual instead of the good of society as a whole, emotion vs. reason, and imagination vs. logic.

In Rime, supernatural occurs several times.  First, the mariner "holds" the wedding guest in a sort of trance for the telling of the story.  Also, the ghost ship appears without wind or current, the ship is sailed by angel-possessed bodies of the crew.

Nature is paramount with the killing of the albatross and the blessing of the sea snakes.  He also makes it a theme with the quote "all creatures great and small, the lord God made them all".

The mariner is the individual in this tale.  He survives, but is destined to seek out one individual at a time forever to whom he will tell his tale. It is usually a person who needs to hear the tale and learn the lesson.

There is much emotion in the poem as well--although the mariner never truly gets "emotional" there is anger from the sailors who suspect their bad luck is due to the mariner's murdering the albatross.  There is shock from the Pilot and the Pilot's boy about the mariner's appearance.

Imagination is evident as well.  There is much original material here encompassed in the frame story of the wedding guest being held hostage and missing the wedding in order to learn to respect all creatures in nature.

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