What makes Ralph a bad leader in Lord of the Flies?  Give three examples (something he did or said) from Chapters 1 - 6 to support your answer.  

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Ralph treats Piggy badly right from their first encounter in Lord of the Flies. He pays Piggly little mind, trying "to be offhand and not too obviously uninterested." When Piggy asks his name, Ralph responds but fails to ask Piggy his name. When Piggy tells him he is afflicted with asthma, Ralph derogatorily responds, "Ass-mar."

Piggy later tells Ralph his hated nickname, and pleads with Ralph not to tell the other boys. Ralph mocks the fat boy, and later, reveals to the other boys Piggy's name. "Better Piggy than Fatty," Ralph tells him. By doing so, he deliberately breaks a confidence with the boy who will become his closest ally.

When the small boys complain of the "beasties" that inhabit the island, Ralph just "laughed, and the other boys laughed with him." Later, he "looked at the little boy in mixed amusement and exasperation." Ralph's inconsideration of the smaller boys show both a lack of leadership and concern for those who have chosen him their leader.

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Piggy hates the nickname he was given at his school, when he asks Ralph what his name is he answers but ralph doesn't ask piggy his name, at the first meeeting he tells the boys that Piggys name is infact Piggy even though Piggy specifically askedRalph not to tell the others.

Ralph has always been uncertain of his decisions, for the better of others, and when it is a good idea and it works, piggy is the one who has come up with it not rlph.