What makes Odysseus a good leader in The Odyssey?

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Odysseus is a good leader because he is willing to keep his eyes on the goal no matter what. He does not allow himself to be seduced or distracted from his course perpetually, whether he is on Calypso's island or tempted by the song of the sirens. He takes his responsibilities seriously.

Odysseus also cares about his men, never seeing his life as being of more worth than theirs and always remaining loyal to them. He isn't only worried about getting himself back home; he wants to make sure all his sailors are able to return to their families as well. Even when some of his men eat the enchanted lotus petals and claim they do not care to return home, Odysseus physically forces them onto the ship because he knows what is best for them and that they are being influenced.

Another reason Odysseus is an ideal leader is that he is intelligent. While he is physically powerful, his brain tends to get him out of more scrapes than his sword arm does. He was the one who thought of the Trojan Horse. He...

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