What are the issues that Austen puts in Northanger Abbey that makes it a satire of a gothic novel?

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Remember that a satire is a piece of literature or art that makes fun of something (usually with the purpose of encouraging change).  The satire will often be an immitation of the thing it makes fun of.  "Saturday Night Live" is a great example of a show that satirizes events and people.  In order to figure out how Northanger Abbey satirizes the gothic novel, you need to figure out how it makes fun of various gothic elements.

Setting:  The setting of a Gothic novel is usually gloomy and made to create suspense.  Can you think of a way that Austen makes the setting of Northanger Abbey ridiculously gloomy?

The hero/heroine.  The hero of a gothic novel is often someone who finds him/herself isolated in a frightening place.  Is the heroine in Northanger Abbey silly in her isolation?  Is she really in a frightening place, or does she frighten herself?

Romance.  The gothic novel often has romantic elements.  Which elements of Northanger Abbey are so Romantic that they come across as stupid or silly?

Gothic novels themselves.  The heroine in Northanger Abbey is a big fan of Gothic novels.  How does her reading wind up affecting her perception of the real world?

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