What makes microbiology interesting as an area of life sciences?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Life sciences include all the areas of science that deals with living organisms. Microbiology is a sub-discipline of life sciences that deals with microscopic organisms (organisms too small to be seen with naked eyes). Microbiology is very wide in scope due to the diversity of microorganisms (including bacteria, archaea, virus, etc.). Microbiology is really interesting due to a number of reasons. It includes laboratory work, computational work, field work, etc., that is, something for everybody. More importantly, microbiology enhances our understanding of various diseases and their cures, soil characteristics and fertility, etc. Microbiology also has wide application in food and beverage industry. We use our knowledge of microbiology to make breads, wine, beer, pickles, yogurt, etc. and help us in preventing the spoilage of food. We also make use of microbiology in wastewater treatment, biofuel production, etc.

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