What makes Magua the antagonist of The Last of The Mohicans.  

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Payal Khullar eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Magua, the leader of the Hurons, is the main antagonist in James Cooper’s novel The Last of The Mohicans. It is very clear from his deeds. He is cunning, treacherous, savage and ruthless. In the beginning he cheats the group by leading them the wrong way into the forest. He kidnaps Colonel Munroe’s daughters Cora and Alice two times in the novel to take revenge against him. Together with his tribe, he attacks Hawkeye and his group and causes them unwarranted troubles. Magua also kills Uncas in the end by stabbing him. His character in this way can be placed in sharp contrast to the courageous, strong, skillful yet very kind and noble Indian- Uncas and White wanderer Hawkeye.

His antagonistic nature, however, becomes complex in nature when we suspect that he has actually fallen for Cora Munroe. He captivates her but doesn’t harm her. In fact, he risks his own life at one time to save her.


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