What  makes a literacy rich classroom?how  can the teacher accommodate learning for all students in  the same classroom?    

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What a great question. As you probably know, this question is largely a matter of opinion. Literacy is an important part of a person's life and also for the well-being of society. For this reason, it is central for all people to learn how to read and to excel in it (and even love it). Teachers have an important role in it.

Here are some suggestions to create a literacy rich classroom. First, teachers can model literacy by reading to students at a young age. The teacher can also create reading partners and students can read to each other or discuss what they read. Second, to make literacy even richer in the classroom, teacher can give free reading time. During this time students are allowed to pick what book they want to read. In this way, students get the sense that free time is used for reading. Finally, teachers can empower their students to read to young children. This can be a great community project.


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