What makes Lakunle an interesting character?      

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Lakunle is an interesting character because he is unique in his village of Ilujinle. Lakunle, unlike the other villagers, values Western civilization and supports modernity. He openly criticizes tradition ways of life and attempts to influence other characters in sharing his vision. He is well read and many of his comments allude to Western values and include Christian morals. Despite being viewed with contempt by his community, Lakunle remains outspoken. Lakunle is also very dramatic which makes his character entertaining to watch. Even though Lakunle is an advocate for modernity and seems sincere, his true intentions are revealed when he tells Sidi that he will marry her under the condition that he will not have to pay the bride price. Overall, Lakunle is a unique character with strong views and adds to the entertainment value of the play.

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