What makes Hamlet and Ophelia's relatioship intense?

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Hamlet and Ophelia's relationship is intense because of the undertones that are present in the play.  It is argued that Hamlet is only pretending to be insane to trick his uncle in to confessing his guilt for murdering the king.  Because of this Ophelia is left second guessing her realtionship with Hamlet and whether or not her lover has truly gone insance.  In addition it Ophelia's loss of her virginity to Hamlet and assumed pregnancy that lead to her suicide.  She could not possibly admit to no longer being pure in this time period which means a wedding would be expected.  Instead, Hamlet is engrossed in to tricking his uncle and has, in a sense, mocked Ophelia for her lack of purity by telling her to go to the nunery, which is ironic since he is the one to put her in this situation.

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