What makes Hamlet himself a modern character, according to Douglas Brode?From "I Know Not Seems" in Brode.

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I believe Hamlet found himself at the proverbial crossroads of life. Many things contributed to this. He wanted the best for everyone especially his mother and Ophelia and felt that it was his responsibility to make that happen. He loved his mother and Ophelia, he was a kind man yet some say cruel at the same time. He was often very gentle but sought revenge for acts of violence. He experienced a lot of hard times and suffering and felt that no one could be trusted. He lived by the mantra of believing what you saw not what you hear from gossipers. He kind of fell into a "Christian paradox" because he was humble and ambitious, vengeful and contrite, and passive yet aggressive at the same time. He may have displayed attributes that could be classified under a passive aggressive personality disorder. He destroyed Christian establishments and ideology by robbing and killing. All in all, he was a very complex man with very real problems.