What makes Gwen likable in Freak the mighty?

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The main thing that makes Gwen likable in Freak the Mighty is that she continues to love, nurture, and stick with Kevin for his entire life. Keep in mind that Loretta tells us that Kevin’s dad was labeled a “magician” because he “heard the words birth defect and disappeared.” While Kevin’s dad chose escape, Kevin’s mom chose perseverance. Gwen is a survivor and fully deserves the name “Fair Gwen” like the queen in the King Arthur legend.

Gwen is also a good person in other ways. We know this because of her first interactions with Max. Gwen’s first instinct is to protect Kevin from the boy who not only looks just like his criminal father but also used to bully kids in daycare. After Gwen removes Kevin from Max’s basement, she obviously talks to Kevin and learns Max’s true character. Gwen immediately apologizes, admits she is “delighted” the two boys are friends, and invites Max over for dinner. This entire scene shows Gwen to be a really likable character: a good person who is willing to admit her mistakes.

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