What makes a bureaucracy a peculiar type of formal organization?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bureaucracy is considered a peculiar form of formal organization because of its rigid rules and structure. Bureaucracy as a system features systematic levels among members with assignments moving down the chain while accountability moving from the lower to the upper levels of the organization. To confirm the rigidity of the system, its rules and communication are in written format. This is mainly for the tracking of the communication and developing a point of reference for the rules throughout the entire organization. The members of such an organization work in a mechanical way in an attempt to achieve the set organizational objectives. All levels and members are detached from each other, which leads to alienation among the workers who feel estranged from the organization. Bureaucracies have been established in formal organizations to enhance operational efficiency, however, the underlying trade-off includes red tape which slows down operations and achievement of the set objectives.