What makes Baba and Amir move to America in The Kite Runner? 

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Baba was a marked man once the Russians completed their takeover of Aghanistan. As a wealthy businessman who loved all things American, Baba knew that he could not hide his political leanings from the communist government; however, he could not freely leave Afghanistan without arousing attention. So, with little notice, Baba and Amir sneaked out of Kabul "as if we were going out for a bite." They had little money, took few clothes, and left with only their most cherished possessions.

You couldn't trust anyone in Kabul anymore--for a fee or under threat, people told on each other...

Freedom had vanished, and anti-Russian speech could land you in jail or "staring at the muzzle end of a Kalashnikov." Property was seized, bank accounts frozen, students were taught to spy on their parents, and soldiers patrolled the sidewalks. So, Baba knew it was time to flee his country, setting his sights for a new life in America. 

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The main reason that Baba and Amir went from Afghanistan to America was that Baba always cursed and hated the soviets. He knew that they would kill him and Amir if they came to know about this. Everyone in neighbourhood knew that he hates soviets and so any of the neighbours could easily tell the soviets. So, to save him and Amir, Baba went to America.

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