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If possible, based only on the excerpt "My Mother's Secrets" in Amy Tan's new book The Opposite of Fate, what makes Amy Tan's writing so popular? What in her writing pleases readers so much? How does her writing work? Why do you think she makes the choices she makes in her writing?

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One thing particularly remarkable about Amy Tan's writing is that she takes autobiographical accounts and turns them into fiction. We particularly see her accomplish this fantastic feat in her debut novel The Joy Luck Club; biographical elements she morphs into fiction include relationships between women in her family, her father's and brother's deaths due to brain tumors, and her grandmother's suicide (The Guardian, Hoggard, "Death as a Source of Life"). Thus one reason Tan's writing is so popular is because of how well she crafts her fiction while integrating autobiographical details.

She is also particularly reputed for writing about first-generation Chinese-American culture . Tan shows the struggles of the first-generation Chinese Americans of the 1970s, children of parents who were ostracized in the 1950s by their native land due to the rise of Communism and strained Chinese-American diplomatic relations. The re-establishment of Chinese diplomatic relations led to first-generation...

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