What makes history important in solving social, economic and political problems?

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What makes history important in solving problems today is the fact that many things that happened in the past are similar to things that are going on today.  When faced with problems of the types that you mention, we can often look to the past for help.  We can try to identify times in history when we faced issues that are similar to those we face today.  We can look at how we handled things in the past and we use that experience to help figure out what to do about things today.  Sadly, this is not a fool-proof exercise and we cannot guarantee that we will solve our current problems through the use of history.

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The importance of history in problem solving we can say it based much on how people in the past have been able to change their environments so as to master them. In this we mean through history we are able to reffer in the past with refference in present as we can see all things have some kind of source until it become bad or good in the society, by finding sorce which more concern with finding the historical background of it we will be able to solve those problem facing our society.

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