What are the major turning points in Things Fall Apart and how do they affect the outcome of the novel? Kindly comment on the effect it has on Okonkwo, the Igbos, and Nwoye.

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The major turning point in Things Fall Apart is when Okonkwo beats his wife, Ojiugo, during the week of peace. This is a blatant display of his uncontrollable, volatile temper. It causes the rest of the tribe to question his integrity, in spite of his sacrifices made in an attempt to repent.

From there, things only get worse. Okonkwo goes against the oracle's commands and takes part in his adopted son, Ikemefuna. The Oracle has instructed Okonkwo not to physically kill Ikemefuna, but when the boy runs to Okonkwo for help, Okonkwo cuts him down where he stands in an effort to appear strong and capable in front of the eyes of his tribe.

Ikemefuna's murder sends Okonkwo into a state of depression as he questions who he is and who he wants to...

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