“What are the major THEMES, TECHNIQUES and PURPOSE of Camus’ The Outsider?” I am writing an essay entitled “What are the major THEMES, TECHNIQUES and PURPOSE of Camus’ The Outsider?”   I need to mention Judgement and Death – Society’s expectations (on how we act). Violence, Existentialism, Absurdity of Life. Simple/Laconic language – Imagery Heat verses Cold – Bright/Light verses Dark Two part structure (first part him, second part society judging him) What did Camus want you to think/feel? How? Why?   Any pointers where to start and how to structure, and examples from the text to focus on would be greatly appreciated

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Writing on these subjects in regards to Camus' short novel, The Stranger, you might begin your investigation with Mesault's line of defense when he is in prison. It is this portion of the text that deals with the meaning of the murder on the beach, offering multiple interpretations of the act from the perspectives of Mersault, his attorney, and figures in the justice system. 

Quite a bit is said in this section about why Mersault committed murder and what this act means. Also, this idea is critical to the overall message of the text - Depending on your perspective, the same act can have different meanings. 

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