What are the major themes in the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini? 

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–Amir inflicts minor hurts and humiliations on Hassan (evidence?)
–Abandoning him to the bullies – shows his attitude to his servant
–Hassan is Amir’s true friend yet is sacrificed
–2nd act of betrayal –
–hides money and watch
–Feeling of guilt –denial so remove the constant reminder of the guilt
–Also to lessen Hassan’s suffering
–Tries to earn forgiveness
–Brave and charitable Baba – moral judge of Amir- betrayed his friend/servant
–His benevolence, devotion to Hassan, building orphanage – are attempts at restitution.

2. Brotherhood, kinship, friendship

lAmir’s relationship with Hassan.(fed from same breast)
lSharing of childhood experiences like brothers- pomegranate tree, kites, loyalty, love transcends boundaries of social class for Shia – Hazaras.
lBaba and Ali – played like brothers – betrays him.Why?
lBrother who betrays a sibling then redeems himself with love. Why does he betray Hassan?
lRahim Khan and Baba
lRahim Khan and Ali and Hassan


lOrphanage director supplies boys to Assef
lAmir appalled
lZaman argues that it’s a case of small sacrifice to stave off a larger one

lEthnic differences between Pashtuns and Hazaras
lStatus attached to this ethnic difference
lPowerful Pashtuns oppress with impunity
lHazaras kept illiterate and subservient.
lThis division is deeply embedded in the culture and personal interactions
lThis informs everything that happens between Baba and Ali and Amir and Hassan
lWith Soraya and Amir adopting Sohrab, we are left hopeful at the end that the divide Pashtun and Hazara will be breached.
lHasan has taught his son to read – being literate is empowering.

lThis theme plays out in terms of Amir and Hassan
lAlso between Baba and Amir
lSoraya and her father.

lDouble standards of Afghan society
lReasons for mother-in – law’s love
lTraditional Afghan society – position of women

7. Fatherhood and fathering 
lBaba and Amir – was Baba a good father?
lRahim Khan and Amir- what is Rahim’s role
lAli and Hassan –nature of Ali’s fathering?
lBaba and Hassan
lHassan and Sohrab
lAmir and Sohrab – can Amir be a good father?
lSoraya and General Taheri.

(biologicial fathering v nurturing fathering}

8. Migration and Cultural adjustment

lLoss of homeland –”watan.”
lDislocation and displacement
lAmir craving for  better life “bury memories”
lBaba - whole experience is painful – refuses charity
lContrasts with General Taheri
lContrasts between generations

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