What are the major themes and concerns about postmodernism?

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One of the historical events to come out of the Postmodern era has been globalism. And, with this event, the concept of identity has become more free but also more fragmented. For example, it is now more common to see a person from a conservative religious or cultural background wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt, listening to Outkast and reading Karl Marx. While this has been wonderful for sharing ideas between people and cultures, it reflects one of the concerns of postmodernism which is a fragmentation of identity. In other words, postmodernists criticize neat, clear-cut, identities because they are cliche or because such identities support existing power structures (which tend to oppress certain groups). So, the freeing up of the categories of identity has been just that: freeing. But with it comes the fragmentation and difficulty of finding a way to fit in when these pre-established categories of identity are dismissed in favor of more versatile concepts. Despite the confusion with...

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