What is the major theme in the story Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell?

Expert Answers
drgingerbear eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The major theme in Beka Lamb is that of social insecurity, especially as it relates to race, class, and empire. Much of the social insecurities are the socioeconomic frustrations that Creoles experience as they try to rise from lower to middle class status in Belieze. The theme is conveyed through For example, Toycie's experiences in being pregnant out of wedlock a socioeconomic issue rather than a moral issue.

Other themes that emerge are that of political change, social prejudices between the creoles and the "white" people, "coming of age (Beka in trying to discover who she really is), and a woman's role in society.

pjbabygirl | Student

i think the major theme in beka lamb is life situations and consequences.My reason being is because it majorly stresses on the life problems that beka and toycie has to go through,like racism{like how emilio refuses to marry toycie after pregnating her}political problems {the wanted change of no longer wanting to be under colonialism and wanting their own independenc}family problems ,parents always coming down hard and pressuring you its who they are and what they do .it benefits us in the end though because we see where toycie and beka has been warned about getting a baby instead of getting a diploma  they've been warned by the school but beka has been warned also by her parents and because of this has the knowledge of how it can affect her life in a very serious way  unlike toycie who maybe heard it only once and so has placed this in the back of her head already.so we see where family constantly pressuring you about something can really make you think about it on a very serious note.poverty was another problem caue we see how poor toycie was and the only thing that could have helped her was to get aproper education which she didn't get inthe end.being poor sort of makes people who are financially equipped think that they can take advantage of you because you may feel like you may never get someone like that again.ie.toycie.Friendship plays a big part in this book also as toycie used to encourage beka in her schhool work and beka in return tries to persuade toycie into not getting serious with emilio but however toycie does not take heed.so i would really say life and its threatening sources are the biggest and most important theme in this book it also talks about how aunt eila was just like toycie in such that she also got pregnant out of wedlock but she didn't lose hope like toycie, she kept her head onthe right track and keot optimistic about the whole situation.beka's parents on the other hand did everything right, education first then pregnancy and so they also want beka to follow and so she will.toycie's family on the other hand is opposit as her aunt eila was just like that and her mother is unstable  and isn't around ,so this kind of makes her life really tough and difficult for her.parents experiences has a lot to do with yours but yet still, it is not an excuse to make the same mistakes that they made.you have a mind of your own .