What is the major theme in the movie Avatar?  Was this screenplay written by James Cameron?  What problems are tackled in the film?

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In the movie Avatar, written and directed by James Cameron, colonization and resistance to colonialism are the major themes. The story of the movie has major overlaps with the story of colonization by European countries against non-European/indigenous peoples. Particularly, one can see significant overlaps in how the lands now known as "North America" and "South America" were colonized by Europeans pursuing wealth in the forms of land and resource extraction.

The planet being colonized by soldiers of Earth, Pandora, is inhabited by the Na'vi people. The Na'vi people represent concepts of indigenous ways of living, as they live in harmony with their planet and practice a planet-based religion in which they understand the natural world to be sacred. The soldiers of Earth are well aware that their colonial pursuits mean the death of the Na'vi people and the ultimate destruction of Pandora. However, like the colonizers of the past, and the states, militaries, and corporations of the present,...

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