What major social and political developments began in the 1960's and 1970's and had a major impact on American History?

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There were so many important developments happening in these years.  Let us look briefly at a few.

  • Minority rights movements.  These movements pushed America towards a more diverse society in which people of all races and ethnicities could feel more welcome.
  • Women's rights movement/women's lib.  These movements changed the nature of American society, putting women on a much more equal footing with men and changing the social dynamics of our society.
  • Environmental movement.  This movement put environmental issues on the national agenda.  Those issues are not very much a central part of American politics and society.
  • Move towards conservatism.  Partly as a backlash against these other developments, the United States started to move towards political conservatism in the 1970s.  This has continued to the present.  

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