What is a major similarity between "Sweat" by Zora Neale Hurston and "Saboteur" by Ha Jin?

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While on the surface these two stories seem vastly different, there are three major similarities between them.

First, each of the main characters are prisoners, just in different ways. In "Sweat," Delia is a prisoner of her marriage. Her husband, Sykes, is emotionally and physically abusive to her and she struggles to escape him. In "Saboteur," Chiu is literally a prisoner in a Chinese jail. It is important to note that Delia and Chiu both start out as powerless victims and prisoners who are innocent of any wrongdoing. Delia does not deserve to be abused and Chiu has done nothing to be imprisoned. Because each of them are prisoners, their free will is limited and their abuser/accusers hold all of the power.

A second similarity is that both Delia and...

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