What are the major responsibilities of the operations manager, and which responsibility might be the most challenging?

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The major responsibilities of the operations manager are analyzing corporate strategy, creating and developing programs, activities, and tasks that conform to this strategy, and designing the proper products and services that further the corporate strategy. In addition, the operations manager must plan and oversee activities, processes, and more that contribute to the overall corporate goals.

Moreover, the operations manager must measure the effectiveness of operations and make changes to procedures that are ineffective. He or she must replace them with more effective and efficient procedures, when necessary, to contribute to the company's revenues and profits.

The most challenging responsibility in all of these is the creating and developing of programs, activities, and tasks that conform to corporate strategic goals. It is vital that the operations manager creates and develops the proper programs and such. Everything else after that is dependent on initially making the right decisions as to what programs and initiatives to implement. A wrong decision here and the rest of the production chain could be an exercise in futility - and lost resources.

Creating and developing the right programs means that problems in production down the road can be addressed, without the whole process being abandoned. However, creating and developing the wrong program from the get-go means problems in production down the road may not be solvable because the entire program from the beginning was wrong.