What are major problems of teenagers?  please more than 4 problems

Expert Answers
besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Teenagers face many problems today. Adolescence is a time where there are many changes occurring in the brain. These changes often continue until the individual is around twenty years old.

To begin with, there is the issue with gender. Males and females face different challenges. Girls, for example, have to deal with physical appearance issues. Girls are going through many noticeable body changes. They struggle internally because they are in a sense stuck between being a girl and a woman.

Teenagers also struggle with independence. They have a strong urge to be independent yet they still need parental control and support.

Peer pressure is perhaps the biggest issue that teenagers face. Like stated previously, the brain is going through many developmental changes during this time period. Teenagers often struggle with making responsible decisions. They also want to fit in so it is hard to make decisions that are right because of fear of not having friends or being labeled.

missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Substance abuse - teens usually turn to substances for acceptance.

Bullying - Both the bully and the victim are struggling with something. People don't just naturally bully, there is usually something that triggers this whether it is the way they are treated at home or whether they struggle controlling themselves. The victim's problem should be obvious.

Sexual pressure - Although attraction and the curiosity to participate in sex affects many students, many of these same students have a moral preference to wait that gets challenged.

Academic performance - Some students effectively put pressure on themselves to succeed, others need their push from their parents still.

Rebellion - Many teens choose to commit petty crimes or disobey laws to prove their worthiness as a rebel. This is attractive and somehow earns them respect of their peers. 

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Teenagers have all sorts of problems.  I assume that these problems differ somewhat depending on the country the teen lives in.  I will talk about some problems faced by teens in the United States.

  • Girls, especially, face pressure to look a certain way -- to have a certain body type, especially.  This can lead to insecurity and even eating disorders.
  • Teens of all sorts face insecurity about their identities.  They are not kids and not adults -- somewhere in between.
  • Teens often face peer pressure to make bad decisions such as using drugs, drinking alcohol, or having sex sooner than they should be.
mkcapen1 | Student

The adolescent years are filled with changes, a need to develop independence, and pressure form studies and friends.

Self-esteem is a big problem for teens.  When teens look at the popular kids in school they believe they have high self-esteem, but studies done have shown that the majority of teens suffer from low self-esteem.

Peer pressure dictates a lot of the issues in a teen's life. The average teen struggles to figure out how to fit in with peers, how to afford and own the latest styles that peers are wearing, and a strong desire to belong to the social group.

Money has become a larger problem for modern teens.  Materialism has attacked teens through the status of owning a cell phone, expensive shoes, and hip clothing.

Parental relationships begin to become more difficult as teens try and find a way to increase their level of independence and parents who worry about their future struggle to teach them the last of information before they are grown.

Self-identity is also difficult since so many teens want to fit in with the norms of their peers but at the same time are trying to figure out just who they really are.