Hard Times Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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What is the major moral or message in Hard Times?

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Well, I take issue with any one work having a major theme, as you describe it. I think it is clear that any work opens itself open to a number of different possible themes and to identify one as "major" is to possibly ignore the full impact of the others. However, for me, one of the obvious themes is the way that this work explores the conflict between fact and fancy.

Fact is clearly the biggest component of the educational philosophy of Mr. Gradgrind, however, it is important to note how the cause of fancy is championed as...

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i-am-urmi | Student

Well, mainly it's about the importance of things other than just facts- like emotion and family ties. At that time, because of the industrial revolution, the workers were treated as machines, not humans(as were the students). Hard Times clearly illustrates the cruelty in doing so. So, as well as facts, some 'fancy' and love is good too.