What are the major life-supporting factors on Earth?

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First, of all the planets around the Sun, the Earth has, through the laws of physics, maintained an atmosphere.  This atmosphere serves two specific purposes in sustaining life.  First, it protects living things on the surface from such forces as radiation and space debris (meteors, asteroids, etc.).  Without it, meteors would be hitting the ground with devastating effects on life.  Secondly, the atmosphere provides a cyclic environment, one that sustains life by cycling elements and compounds; the obvious example is the exchange of oxygen, carbon, and carbon dioxide.  Because it is a closed environment that does not allow substantive escape of essential ingredients, the atmosphere gives life the ability to regenerate itself, like a furnace that supplies energy to a drive system the delivers more fuel to itself.   In fact, part of our definition of Life includes the ability to replicate and reproduce itself. 

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Major life supporting factors on Earth include : moderate temperature, thick enough atmosphere to store the Sun's thermal energy for night time, liquid water, oxygen rich atmosphere, fertile soil with minerals, thick atmosphere that prevents major asteroids from crashing down and ending life on Earth, an atmosphere that protects us from the Sun's damaging UV rays, etc

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The major life supporting festure on Earth is -

* The Earth is in a safe distance from the sun. It is 150 million km from the sun, making it a habitable place to live. Our planet and the planet Mars is in a safe distance from the sun.

* We have oxygen in our precious planet which is formed by the plants by the process of photosynthesis and thus giving us the fuel to live.

* We have an atmosphere which protects us from the harmfull rays of the sun. ( UV rays, infrarred red rays.)

* We have water in our planet which is very vital for our survival.