The Post-American World

by Fareed Zakaria

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What are the major strategies associated with the "rise of the rest" in The Post-American World?

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For the United States, there are two major strategies that must be pursued with regard to the “rise of the rest.” 

First, the US must remain economically flexible and open to immigration.  It must do these things because these things will help it to retain its biggest advantage; the fact that it is the most open and the most dynamic society and economy around.  If the US does these things (generally by having fewer regulations), it can remain powerful.

Second, the US must be understanding about the needs and attitudes of the rest of the world.  As “the rest” rise, the US has to understand that Western ideas no longer dominate.  It must realize that there is now a much greater diversity of thought in the parts of the world that have some strength.

The US, then, must cultivate its own strengths domestically while, on the international scene, remaining open to the ways in which “the rest” has different ideals.

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