What are the major events that summarize The Prince and the Pauper?

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The Prince and the Pauper is the story of two boys, one a prince and one a pauper, who trade clothes one day and, because they look identically alike, inadvertently assume each other’s identities. King Henry, seeing a boy in pauper’s clothes in the palace, throws his own son out on the streets, believing him to be a beggar. Tom, a pauper, is accepted into the palace as the prince, but because he acts very unlike a prince, the people come to believe that he must be suffering from madness. A while back, when King Henry was ill, he had given Prince Edward the Great Seal of the Kingdom to guard and protect until the king returned to health. When the king returns and asks for the seal, however, Tom, who has assumed the identity of Edward, knows nothing about...

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