What are the major events that happen in Chapter 4 of The Outsiders?

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This chapter mainly concerns Ponyboy and Johnny and what happens to them one fateful night. As they return home one night, they hear a car horn coming from the blue Mustang, that had earlier picked up the girls. Five drunken Socs emerge and approach the Greasers. They grab Ponyboy and dunk him under the fountain until he thinks he is actually going to drown.

Surprised, Ponyboy becomes aware a few moments later that he is on the ground, shivering and spluttering. Johnny is next to him and tells Ponyboy that he killed one of the Socs. Bob, the former partner of Cherry and the leader of the Socs, is dead on the ground. Johnny tells Ponyboy that he stabbed Bob in an act of self-defence to save both Ponyboy and Johnny from being beaten up again. When Bob fell, the other Socs ran away. Ponyboy panics when he hears this.

They decide to go to Dallas for help. Dallas listens to their tale and congratulates Johnny for killing a Soc. Dallas shows his loyalty to his friends by his immediate aid. He gives Ponyboy dry clothes and finds money and a gun for Johnny. He tells them to take the train into the countryside and directs them to an abandoned church he knows of.

The two boys jump a train and Ponyboy tries to pretend that this is some kidn of nightmare. When they jump off the train, Ponyboy gets directions from a farmer about where the church is and does his best to disguise his identity, but he knows that this is futile. They find the church and collapse onto the floor, falling asleep.

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