What are the major events in lord of the flies?All the key facts, the details

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1. the boys arive on the island

2. Piggy finds the counch and Ralph blows it

3. The first meeting is held and the boys specify what is needed for them to survive on the island

4. Ralph is elected leader(cheif)

5. Jack and his choir form the hunting party

6. Tension between Jack, the antagonist who only wants to hunt and kill, grows between Ralph, the progonist who continues to belive that they must try and survive and try to get off of the island.

7. Talk of a "Beastie" forms on the island

8. Jack, sick of Ralph and the society he's created, forms a new tribe and most of the boys follow him.Jack perclaims himself new cheif

9. Jack and his hunters viciously kill a mother pig, cut off its head and leave it as a sacrifice for the "Beastie".

10. The Jack invites everyone who hasnt joined his tribe to a feast where the eat the pig.

11.Simon is murdered by all of the boys after being mistaken for the "Beastie" at the feast.

12. Samneric(Sam and Eric) are forced to join jack.

13. Ralph and Jack fight

14. Piggy is killed by Roger

15. the counch is destroyed after is falls

16. Ralph is alone and Jacks tribe sets out to kill him as the did the pig.

17. A rescue party arrives and Ralph and the others leave the island at last.

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