What are the major events in chapter 20 of "The Invisible Man"?

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In chapter 20, the narrator is searching for the missing brothers (Clifton and Maceo) and discovers in a local bar just how far the Brotherhood has fallen in the eyes of the community.

Next, the narrator goes in search of Brother Tarp, whose possessions and bed are no longer in the room where he used to live.  He is not invited to join the daily meeting, and feels shut out and forsaken by the Brotherhood.

Perhaps the most important event of this chapter is when the narrator discovers Clifton selling Sambo dolls.  The dolls are like little black marionettes, and they are offensive to the narrator especially since Clifton is dancing and singing in order to sell these "entertaining" puppet-like dolls. 

Clifton sees the narrator, smiles an awful smile, and then disappears around the corner to elude police.  The chase ends in a struggle between Clifton and the policeman, and Clifton being shot by the policeman's gun.  The police keep the narrator from Clifton's body.  The narrator feels more alone and alienated than ever, and he realizes that he is the only witness to the killing.

The narrator leaves the scene with no clear destination, and he is troubled by the strangers that surround him.  He is without friends or answers and is plunged into a sense of confusion and isolation which is overwhelming.

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