What are some major events in Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin?

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Some major events in Black Like Me include the following:

  • George Levitan, the publisher of Sepia magazine, gives Griffin money to conduct his research on what it's like to be a black man in the south (page 3).
  • Griffin, the author, looks in the mirror and does not recognize himself with his dermatologically darkened skin (page 11).
  • Griffin goes out in New Orleans as a black man (page 12).
  • Griffin decides to work with the shoeshine man in New Orleans, who knows Griffin is really a white man from the hairs on his hands (page 23).
  • The author visits his friend, P.D. East (page 73), a white writer and newspaper man who is sympathetic to Griffin.
  • The author arrives in Biloxi, Mississippi (page 83).
  • The author goes to Mobile, Alabama (page 96) and then hitchhikes to Montgomery, Alabama (page 102). He stays in a backwoods shack with a black family (page 108). 
  • The author finds a spirit of hopefulness in Montgomery (page 120), where Martin Luther King had been preaching. 
  • The author returns to being white (122) and then returns to have dermatologically darkened skin (page 126) and heads to Atlanta (page 132).
  • The author visits a Trappist monastery (page 135).
  • The author returns to New Orleans (page 145) and then returns home to his family in Texas (page 147).
  • The author is interviewed on a TV show that is aired about his work (page 149). He appears on several other TV shows and in several articles, provoking a negative response in his hometown and the environs. He is hanged in effigy (page 159), but he also receives many positive letters, even from the south. 
  • The author decides to move to Mexico in response to the hatred he has received; his parents have already moved (page 162).
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