What major event(s) happened in the beginning, the middle, and the end?P What very important events happened throughout the story? What is a summary for Bud, Not Buddy?

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Beginning: Bud flees the Amos household by escaping their hornet-infested shed and running to the local library. Bud then meets up with his friend named Bugs and the two boys spend a memorable night at a Hooverville, where Bud gets his first kiss from a girl named Deza Malone.

Middle: While Bud is attempting to walk to Grand Rapids, a man named Lefty Lewis picks him up, and Bud ends up spending the night at Lefty Lewis's daughter's house. Lefty Lewis then drops Bud off in Grand Rapids, where he finally meets Herman Calloway in person.

End: Bud initially thinks that Herman is his father, and is upset to discover that Herman is an ornery old man. Fortunately, Herman's band members befriend Bud, and he stays with them for a few days. Bud then recognizes rocks with names and dates written on them, and it is revealed that Herman Calloway is Bud's grandfather. Bud ends up staying with his grandfather and is given his own saxophone as well as the nickname "Sleepy LaBone."

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