The Black Pearl Questions and Answers
by Scott O'Dell

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What is the major event in The Black Pearl in chapter 12? only list the major event(s) nothing else

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The major event in Chapter 12 is the theft of the great pearl from the church by the young protagonist, Ramon.

The arrival of the pearl in the city of La Paz coincides with a great storm which wrecks their fleet of pearling boats and drowns 31 men, including Ramon's father. Believing the pearl is bringing them bad luck, Ramon steals it and sets off in the night to return it to the Manta Diablo, or monster devilfish, to whom it is said to belong.

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jbdawg | Student

The major event in Chapter 12 is that the great pearl of heaven is stolen.

Also the fleet of ships is "eaten up" by a storm. Ramon also takes the pearl down to the sea and was going to go return the pearl to the manta.